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Our vision is to be an academy of its kind to provide education, training, and research in the field/areas
of Forestry, Environment, Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development with the
collaborative efforts with/for various stakeholders at national and international level.

Our vision is to create a sustainable environment by preserving the wildlife, forest fields and natural resources through knowledge sharing programs and educational development of forestry management.  
The organisational value will be enhanced by partnering with national and foreign stakeholders and collaboratively making an effort to protect the environmental resources for community development. 
The core vision is to regulate and promote environmental protection activities with the deployment of technology and advanced knowledge and capacity-building scheme.




To create an Integrated Environment through Research, Technology Transfer, Capacity
Building with Participatory Approaches, Partnership Programmes and Networking with
Academic Institutions and Local Governments
• The vision is to contribute to nation and society through the pursuit of education,
training, and research to make our nation as Developed nation.
• To work on the most concerned areas like environment, natural resources, wildlife and
disaster management
• To provide human talent with knowledge and skill required to work professionally
• To provide international levels of excellence.
• To use the latest technology for the development and creating impact on the
beneficiaries for the outcome based programmes designed by the academy