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Training Facilities

A training infrastructure is an overall set-up to create a suitable learning environment by making the availability of various components, equipment and required tools. Such an infrastructure ensures high learning outcomes by creating an effective culture that aligns with the motive of the session and organization.

A training facility is flexible and technologically advanced. In a vast area of 44.50 hectares, carefully planned facilities like - administrative building, 16 training spaces, 4 auditoriums, 8 officers' residences, 12 officers' guest rooms, 8 hostels with separate buildings for male and female students, 3 canteens and refreshment areas, sports complex, gymnasium and so on are included.

Our classrooms are well equipped to enhance the learning experience of trainees. The new generation of classrooms is interactive. They are well equipped with better sitting arrangements, digital boards, etc. All these not only enhance the way teachers teach but also enhance the way students learn.   Capacity-: classrooms with a capacity of  50 students each

Major activities of the school are held in the auditorium round the year. It is a convenient space for general meetings, staff training programs, school festivals and celebrations. It has witnessed national players taking shape in badminton and table tennis sports. In case of unfavourable weather the auditorium facilitates management of major and minor school functions.  

Major activities of the academy are held in the auditorium round the year. It is a convenient space for general meetings, staff training programs,  festivals, and celebrations. In case of unfavorable weather, the auditorium facilitates the management of major and minor academy functions.

In order to arrange meetings with higher officials and dignitaries, the conference hall at  Chandrama with modern technique and technology is being used. The Conference Hall is having 36 seating capacity with an oval conference table including a modern public address system and centralized AC with DG back-up and modern electrical operations/ LED visual facility etc.  

Hostel/Guest House The academy provides residential facilities for the trainees during their stay in the campus to make them feel at home. The academy has two hostels Gangotri and Yamunotri that gives the trainees best Comfort zone. The Academy can accommodate about 150 participants at a time on sharing basis. The hostel is well furnished and equipped to cater to the requirements of national and international delegates.

Libraries are now universally recognized as significantly important not only as social institutions but also as a Knowledge Resource Centre. No community, institution, or organization is considered complete without a good library. Trainees use libraries to enhance their classroom experiences. Libraries help the students to develop good reading and study habits. The libraries provide information and services that are essential for the learning and progress of trainees. The library is all equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements and various books.