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The primary objectives of Chandrapur Forest Academy are as follows:
-   Provide long-term training to Maharashtra Forest Service Group A and Group B officers elected by the Public Service Commission and prepare them for forest service
-   Offer training to officials from various government departments, including Public Works Department, Revenue, State Police, and Administrative Units on biodiversity, forest conservation, environment, and wildlife
-   Organize awareness and training sessions for people's representatives, MPs, Gram Panchayat members, school- and college-level teachers, journalists, NGOs, lawyers, judges, and environmental organisations
-   Undertake diploma and degree courses to create skilled manpower for environment management and conservation; research activities on environmental forensic
-   Study the impact of developmental activities on the environment
-   Conduct research and development activities in the fields of wood anatomy and biodiversity
-   Arrange public awareness activities in nearby villages with the help of NGOs, forest management committees, and environmentalists